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Not all shampoos are made the same

How to Intermix Your Products


n a t u r a l. s u s t a i n a b l e.  h a i r c a r e. powered by nature.

Mix 1

Tri Hydrate 

Tri Hydrate is a unique mixture of dry base oils, developed from the herbal decoction we use for the bases of all of our products. Add 3-6 drops to our shampoo for maximum hydration on curly hair or body.

Add to our conditioner for intensive hydration mask.

When used directly on the skin 

the light formula will absorb quickly into the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. Used on its own directly onto the skin for maximum hydration. When using Tri Hydrate on the body we recommend directly after a shower or warm bath. 

Mix 2

Orange & Honey
Hair and Body 

We based our Orange & Honey hair and body cleanser on herbs. 

Using natural cleansers and herbs we  created a gentle cleanser for both hair and body.


We developed this for curly hair, and it is

colour safe. It gives body to fine hair, 

hydrates colored hair, and perfect for curly dry hair. Add Tri Hydrator 3-9 drops for very dry hard to manage curly hair.

For ultimate hydrating body wash, add  3-6 drops of tri hydrate when washing.

Mix 3

Meadowfoam & Orange

Meadowfoam & Orange Conditioner is based on our mixture of the essential herbs that give the hair shine and luster. 

With a mixture of meadowfoam oil, black seed oil, and macadamia nut oil. To give shine and add moisture, strengthening hair shaft .

To make into an intensive hydrating mask,

add 4-10 drop of Tri Hydrate and leave on for five minutes or as long as you like.

Using only natural ingredients no artificial preservatives. 

Mix 4

Meadowfoam & Orange Multi Cream 

A unique blend of natural ingredients including meadowfoam oil, and black seed oil. 

It can be used to blow dry in to hair curly or straight and will hydrate and reduce static and frizz. Use a pea size amount for soothing the hair dry or wet (although wet works better) then blow dry or leave on curly hair to dry naturally. It can also be used as a very luxurious body & hand cream to maximize hydration for dry skin. 

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