Herbs the wonder ingredient

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

the rise in the amount of clients we see with reactions to cleansers are on the increase.

In a chemically derived shampoo,the expert chemist,can almost guarantee what the ingredients can or should do.

So then you see this or that product, was tested by 100 women, with anything from 45-75% agreeing it makes such and such a difference.

Im not in any way saying a expert chemist is wrong far from it. If they say it is safe it will be,it will have been tested and approved like all hair products need to be.

My personal opinion based on 35 yrs experience, is that a huge amount of ingredients found in hair & skin products, are more about the product and its longevity, its ability to be flown across the world and not separate at altitude, or go off while in storage, due the amount made at any one time making it cheep to make and cheep to sell.

Although for me this is not what i would want from a shampoo or any hair product, it needs to be tested not just chemically, but by the hair experts,that would be the hairdresser . We are the ones who stand and create for any client the hair style they want or if we are relay lucky they dream of. but i must say most importantly tried and properly road tested if you like. In the salon on clients, assessed and feed back given by the clients , for me that means on over 50 clients a month over 3 years to truly find the right balance of ingredients and performance. That's a lot of heads of hair ( over 7000 , to be exact) . a lot of textures of hair ,types of scalps , they are all individual just as we are . it take time and putting your money where your mouth is to get it right.

We know from hour's and years of working with more hair types than we can count, just how individual they are,how one head of hair will respond to a certain product, and another just will not. never mind what you are putting it on your skin, which adsorbs as skin tends to do. Just look at any hairdressers hands,my own included, and you will see chemical damage. Im not saying that any shampoo,conditioner or product, will definitely damage the skin, but constant use does and will dry the skin out .

So we use herbs and there derivative oils to replace as much as possible the chemicals, usually used in shampoo and conditioners.

Why, well quite simply they are better for the hair and skin, and they can do so much , they can add moisture , help heal sensitive scalp,give luster and shine,make the hair easier to comb through,they can control a oily scalp,the list is almost endless.

So replacing,the usual cleansers (sodium lural sulfate,ammonium lural sulfate),with coconut derived cleansers or ones derived from olives they are still chemicals yes, but so much more kinder to the skin and hair.

Also using the natural oils derived from the herbs,in the shampoo or conditioner to hydrate the hair and skin naturally .

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