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Updated: Sep 14, 2018

the first product we ever developed

This is Our first organic product has taken us five years to develop ,we have learned a lot along the way .from what is really good for the hair and skin, to what is really not necessary for the hair skin ,but only in a product to keep the product in perfect nick, i just think it should be the other way around . hair/skin first , product last .

i started this whole journey because i had a tipple hart bypass and could find nothing that would heal the scars left by the operation . everything seemed to dry my scar tissue out , or make it sensitive , so i got pissed off with it and decided to do do something for my self for once and make something of my own . Using the years of experience as a hairdresser and educator to research and develop a cleanser that would work for me and

,A not dry my skin

B hydrate it

And of course being a hairdresser i had to have it work with hair and skin,( its a obsession sad i know )

so it had to be the natural ph of the hair and skin 4.5~5.5

its not as we are told on adverts 7 which is chemically neutral, but that is hugely alkaline for hair and skin ,in fact 200 times more alkaline than the naturally occurring ph of hair and skin!.

have got to say i was shocked at what is in a product is more about the products life span or feel or texture sure it is safe but ! . knowing the hair and the skin adsorb, the skin being the biggest organ in the body. it did not sit right with me to be putting it on my clients hair or scalp (it is still skin)

im definitely not saying the ingredients or any formula is in any way detrimental to the hair /skin, but i personally just dont like the idea

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